Dark chocolate is loaded with minerals , nutrients and zinc also. It is made from cacao  tree’s seed which contains high level of minerals ,antioxidants. Dark chocolate help you to improve health and lower the risk of heart disease. Normal chocolate made from milk cocoa butter, sugar and small quantities of cacao. In other words, dark chocolate contains large amount of cacao. And less amount of sugar than milk chocolate .



                                        A Quality dark chocolate is quite nutritious because it has high cocoa content and it also has decent quntity of soluble fiber and minerals.

Dark chocolate benefits for reduce weight:-

                                                                                                                                                                    we all know that eating dark chocolate may cause to fat in body and it’s fact that dark chocolate is condemned by many health expert . But know scientifically it has proven that dark chcocolate help to reduce weight in your body. It’s  right quantity will help you to reduce your weight loss. Having eaten a small piece of dark chocolate , it will help you to set up metabolism in your body that help you to burn calories. Many people don’t like to eat dark chocolate because it’ taste straight-up or not good .  But in market there are many dark chocolate alternatives. So you can eat dark chocolate candy, bar, fruit chocolate, drink cocoa powder with milk.

Dark chocolate benefits for skin:-

                                                                                                                              Dark chocolate help to reduce dark spot around your eyes. it keeps your skin glowing and healthy. Because In dark chocolate there are a lots of minerals, zinc, cooper  build up cell growth and nourish your skin. Dark chocolate detoxify your skin and make your skin younger and dark spot , help to maintain your skin radiant look fresh.

Dark chocolate benefits for diabetes:-

                                                                                                                                             Most of people think that diabetes people can’t eat dark chocolate because it increase the level of blood sugar. But in fact it is myth. You can still have these food in a small amount. By choosing high quantity dark chocolate in which 70 % cocoa. You get a stronger taste of dark chocolate. But you should have to have check the label of carbohydrate content that help to adjust the quantity of insulin level.